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811 #DreamDifferent Credit Card

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811 #DreamDifferent Credit Card

Enjoy the benefits of interest free cash withdrawals,rewards on all purchases, a credit limit up to 80% of your term deposit amount and a free Credit Card for life – all with the Kotak 811 #DreamDifferent Credit Card

  • Reward Points
    1. Earn 2 reward points against every Rs. 100/- of online spends
    2. Earn 1 reward point against every Rs. 100/- of other* spends
  • Activation Offer
    1. Earn 500 bonus reward points on – Activation + Rs. 5000/- spends in the first 45 days of card set up#.
    2. Interest free cash withdrawal
    3. You can withdraw cash up to 90% of your total credit limit.
    4. Processing fee of Rs. 300 per Rs. 10,000/- withdrawal
    5. No interest will be charged up to 48 days on cash advance
  • Balance Transfer
    1. Processing fee of Rs. 349/- per Rs. 10,000/-
    2. Continued interest free period on fresh retail purchases
    3. Easy & Instant - Just call us to transfer your other credit card balances
  • 811 #DreamDifferent Shield
    1. In case your Credit Card is stolen, you get a cover of Rs. 50,000/- against fraudulent usage up to 7 days pre-reporting
    2. You are required to immediately call Customer Contact Centre (1860 266 2666) and get your card deactivated / blocked to prevent misuse and register a claim with the Insurance Company.
  • Add-on Card
    1. Your Add-on Card will have all the benefits that you enjoy on your Card
    2. Set the spend limit on your Add-on Card as you desire
    3. Track spends separately for each of your Add-on Card(s)
  • Fuel & Railway  Surcharge waiver 
    1. 1% across all petrol pumps for transactions between Rs. 500/- and Rs. 3000/- (max. Rs. 3500/year)
    2. 1.8%  for transactions on irctc.co.in & 2.5% Indian railway booking counters (max Rs. 500/year

Check your eligibility for the 811 #DreamDifferent Credit Card.
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* The new reward structure is applicable effective 15th June 2020 onwards
  • Reward points will not be offered on fuel and railway spends as the card also offers surcharge waivers on the same
  • Reward points will not be offered on cash withdrawals.
  • Rewards earned on spends prior to 15th June 2020 will remain unaffected.

#The activation offer is applicable for all cards which are issued on and after 15th June 2020.
Note: Aqua Gold Credit Card has been rebranded to 811 #DreamDifferent Credit Card effective 15th July 2020 onwards.

Milestone Program

n addition to the reward points which you will earn on transactions, you will also be eligible for bonus offers as mentioned below on achieving the spends criteria of INR 75,000 in an anniversary year* as per eligibility. You may select any one of the below options

Redemption Option 1: Cashback of INR 750/-
  • You can claim your cash back within 3 months after anniversary year* gets over.
  •  If claimed, the cashback will reflect in your next billing cycle.

Redemption Option 2: 4 free PVR tickets
  • You can claim your PVR tickets within 3 months after the anniversary year* gets over.
  • PVR tickets can be used for any day and any show and are transferrable.
  • Star Pass Code will be issued which can be redeemed for online PVR Movie Ticket booking at www.pvrcinemas.com
*Anniversary year - Your anniversary year will run from the date of issuance to the next anniversary date. i.e. If your card is issued on 30th of June, then your anniversary year for milestone program will run from 1st July to 30th June every year. Moreover, you can always check your period in the Milestone tab of your Mobile banking or Net banking. 

 Note: This offer is applicable effective 15th June 2020 onwards. 


Eligibility Criteria

  • Primary Card holder should be in the age bracket of 18 years to 75 years. Add-on Card holders should be 18 years and above.
  • Minimum TD Amount - Rs. 10,000/-
  • Only Individual TDs are allowed
  • Should be a resident of India

Know the fees and charges for the 811 #DreamDifferent Credit Card.
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Fees and Charges

Understand the value chart for the 811 #DreamDifferent Credit Card.
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Value Chart

Explore more credit card options that best suit your needs.